The Great Wall of China Beijing Travel Guide

The Great Wall of China Beijing Travel Guide

Mutianyu Great Wall of China Beijing

Mutianyu Great Wall of China Beijing

The Great Wall of China and Beijing Travel Guide from a real person who lives and works in China. Everything you need to know about planning your adventure. After being awe-struck the first time I traveled here, I decided to share what I have learned and discovered over the years. That’s why this guide covers more than just the usual tourist attractions, although, they are covered too!

What to Expect from this Great Wall and Beijing Travel Guide

• Learn about the real history behind the Great Wall. It’s actually not one long wall, but a series of walls built over several dynasties over thousands of years.

• Discover what is true and what is definitely not true! Some rumors never go away, and there are plenty about the Great Wall of China. Is it possible to see the Great Wall from outerspace?…..

• Find out what it takes to become a “Hero” in the eyes of the Chinese people.

• A capital city for almost 1000 years, and a history filled with triumphs, destruction, invasions, and rebirth, Beijing China has countless sights to see and experience. You really need to see first hand what this amazing city is all about. This guide will help you on that journey.

• Find the best hotels to stay at with some of the best English speaking staff and best location for getting around town. Find cheap flights to Beijing and other travel guides for the subways, trains, and Beijing airports. I also can show you the easiest way to work here and get the right visa. • And that is just the beginning! Find maps, fun facts, tips, best restaurants, Great Wall tours, Beijing tours, what to avoid, learn Chinese, and so much more. Whether you are thinking of coming to see the Great Wall of China or actually planning a trip, you will find real help and – when needed – the inspiration to make your dream trip come true! Traveling to the Great Wall or other places in Beijing can be an adventure as big, or sometimes bigger, than the attraction itself! It can be confusing and frustrating for foreigners to say the least. When travel time is short, travelers want to get where they want to be fast, easy, cheap, and on-time. Visitors to this site will find all of this here and so much more. Everything you need in these easy-to-follow information guides throughout this website. Enjoy Beijing, China without the headaches, and experience the lively and colorful Chinese culture and history it has to offer.

Forbidden City Beijing China

Forbidden City Beijing China

I have been living and working in China for several years. I am from America and I came to China to work, travel, and experience Chinese culture. I was only going to stay for six months…. Four years later, I am still here. I love China! It is my home away from home. I travel to the Great Wall as often as I can. This site is a work in progress, and I will be adding many more pages in the near future, so check back often! It is my hope that I can make the Great Wall come alive in your imagination, and when you do come here, you enjoy it as much as I do. All the best, Brian [email protected]

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Great Wall Pictures The Great Wall Pictures page is dedicated to the best photos from around the Wall. Step back in time and experience the history and beauty the Great Wall offers.

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